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My Favorite Photobooks of 2010

Top 10 Photo Books of 2010

For those who are interested, here is my personal top 10 of photobooks of 2010:

  1. The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map of Babylon by the master photographer John Gossage. Of course there is also the 2010 reprint of The Pond, but that was originally published in 1985.
  2. Broken Manual by Alec Soth. A high-class photography book disguised as a manuscript. Soth’s previous books are great photobooks, but this is a work of art. It contains beautifully reproduced photographs ranging from small black and white pictures to full color fold-out pages alternating between matte and glossy finishes. The Walker Art Center monograph From Here to There is also highly recommended.
  3. The Sound of Two Songs by Mark Power. This year I first bought a copy of 26 Different Endings (2007) because I liked the idea behind it. The Sound of Two Songs is a more conventional photobook, but it contains very good pictures made with a large-format camera.
  4. La Carte d’après Nature by Thomas Demand, a.o. A beautiful catalog for an exhibition curated by Thomas Demand. Aperture’s monograph It’s Beautiful Here, Isn’t It… about Luigi Ghirri is a nice book, but the way the work of Ghirri is presented in this book among the work of others is something different. Even if you just want to buy a book with photography by Ghirri, I’d recommend this book above the Aperture monograph. It also contains a second book with a facsimile of a Luigi Ghirri manuscript for a small photobook.
  5. Conditions by Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann. I am surprised it is not listed in other top 10’s that are published so far. This is a beautifully made book object with great photography. 
  6. A Book of Birds by Stephen Gill. I love the work of Stephen Gill. Conceptually strong and great photography. I prefer A Book of Birds to the more experimental Outside In. I haven’t seen his other books of 2010 Coming up for Air and B Sides yet.
  7. Sechsundzwanzig Wiener Tankstellen by Sebastian Hackenschmidt and Stefan Oláh. I am not a great fan of all these art books after Ed Ruscha’s classic, but for me this book is an exception. With a nice photo montage on the cover. The texts are in English and German.
  8. How Terry Likes His Coffee by Florian van Roekel. Van Roekel received a lot of attention. I hope he is able to beat the second photobook syndrome. The book is sold-out, but I can imagine that there will be a reprint now that he is represented by Flatland Gallery.
  9. Repose by Charlotte Dumas. The monograph Paradis was very disappointing. I think that is why she decided to self publish a new monograph shortly after the publication of Paradis. In this book she presents her work like a portfolio with beautifully printed large format pictures.
  10. Studio by Harry Watts. A small publication with photographs documenting a photographer’s studio. Can’t help but like it. 

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