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For those who were (like me) not able to get a copy of the original publication of 720 (two times around) by Andrew Phelps there is now a newspaper catalogue of the series to accompany an exhibition in October.

Although the publication is like Phelps says ‘a long way from the original’, it provides a good overview of the pictures he made of a skateboard track some kids created in an abandoned office building. The pictures are great and are among my favourites.

At the end of last year I asked Andrew Phelps if he wanted to write something about his experience in bookmaking, what a book means to him, what makes him move between large print editions and self published projects.

Blog Hippolyte Bayard 

A great post on the blog Hippolyte Bayard about Andrew Phelps and his experience in bookmaking. He talks about his self published books and the books he made with publishers.

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