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Component Content Management with Componize and Alfresco

Belle de Mai

Last week I attended the Componize Customization Training at the offices of Componize in Marseille. They are located in the Media Park building Belle de Mai in the center of Marseille that houses companies that work in the creative sector. 

They offer a framework for component content management on top of Alfresco. It is all well designed and developed. You can use it to produce, manage and publish product documentation, training guides, legal documents or other publications. It allows you to maintain your content as a single source and publish in different configurations and output formats.

Output Processing Dialog

Where possible they implemented open standards. Besides XML these include DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), XProc, XLink, XSLT 2.0 and RDF (Resource Description Framework). Out of the box it supports the DITA standard and DocBook, but you can configure the system to use any schema.

It offers extensive support for XML metadata management and link management and you can configure complex pipelines to process output. Processes that potentially use a lot of resources run in the background allowing the user to continue his or her work while the back-end system executes the required jobs. 

Link Management

I used to do a lot of XML related projects for publishers, but in recent years I got more and more involved in general content management projects, so I am quite happy that this solution brings both worlds together.