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Pretty good Joy Division cover of The Eternal.

If have been listening a lot to 16 Horsepower lately. I find it hard to admit that although I had heard of them, I only discovered them a couple of months a go. Visually this performance is rather kitsch, but the musical performance is very good I think. I’d say they bring consolation and increase strength.

Only recently I rediscovered some of the music by Psychic TV. For me it has always been a difficult band as they mix so many different music styles. From folk influenced music to melodic pop to unbearable experimental noise. The latter is not surprising as Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV was one of the founding members of Throbbing Gristle. This album is currently one of my favorites. It is a very unpolished 4 track recording, but a great record to listen to. It is difficult to get hold of it so I posted a link to the excellent blog about post-punk and industrial music The Thing On The Doorstep. I think I am only beginning to understand the importance of Genesis P-Orridge, now Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, as a musician and artist.

Ever since they released Furnace in 1995, I bought every release of this band. Furnace is still my favourite as it is unpolished and noisy and at the same time very well produced. I also like III very much although it is a very different album. I think it is their most well balanced and consistent work. Their later albums like Effector and Fixer are way more polished, but for me cEvin Key and Phil Western are among the more interesting musicians you can find in electronic music and on each album they show an awful lot of skills.

Some critics say that the more recent albums by Download lack experiment, but I never considered their music as being experimental like for example Throbbing Gristle in the late seventies and beginning of the eighties or the output of some of the former members of Throbbing Gristle like Chris and Cosey or Coil. The solo albums by Key Music for Cats, The Ghost of Each Room and The Dragon Experience can to some extend be considered experimental.

They have recently made their albums available through iTunes including the Wookie Wall EP that is added to the HElicopTEr album as the last three tracks.

Recently I have been listening to Severed Heads. Most of their albums are available through Bandcamp where you can listen to songs and buy their albums in any format you like. Among my favourites is Op (chOPped). It is available as a free download.

It was time for some gossip on On Almost Every Topic: the breakup between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. I’ll listen to a couple of songs by Sonic Youth during my flight tomorrow. And some Alice Cooper songs of course.

Although the band have not issued any formal statements about breaking up, I think there is not much change that Sonic Youth will be playing live any time soon. To my surprise Lee Ranaldo recently issued a rather traditional album with pop songs. Contributors to the album include former Sonic Youth members Bob Bert and Jim O’Rourke, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, and keyboardist John Medeski.

Control by Spoek Mathambo directed and shot by Pieter Hugo & Michael Cleary. The song is a great darkwave township house cover of She’s Lost Control by Joy Division. Some additional information at Dazed Digital.

Saw the video this weekend at the Pieter Hugo exhibition at GEM in The Hague. The exhibition is a must-see for those  interested in photography. You can watch a trailer here.

Interesting New York Times article about the South-African rap crew Die Antwoord:

I feel sorry for people who need to ask us: Is it real?” Ninja told me. Changing identities is the point — the more total, the better.