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Photographer and blogger Harvey Benge about the exhibition and publication Gift by Rinko Kawauchi and Terrri Weifenbach. Gift is a very nice publication especially because the binding invites the reader to browse the pictures by Terri Weifenbach and Rinko Kawauchi simultaneously thus allowing you to follow the exchange of pictures.

Tai Tak Hardware & Paint. Top picture courtesy Michael Wolf.

A cropped version of this image is included in Hong Kong Trilogy by photographer Michael Wolf. The location of the neon sign is 278 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei in Hong Kong. On Google Street View you can view several pictures from February 2009 until August 2011. It looks like the children’s dress was still hanging there in August 2011. The neon sign does not seem to be in a good shape.

The image by Michael Wolf is from http://www.neonsigns.hk where you can also find some more information about the neon sign.

New photo magazine FRIET with every day objects from the Amsterdam Noord/Zuidlijn (North/South metro line) excavations made from plastic . Archeology for children with photography by Harold Strak and design by Willem van Zoetendaal. Strak is photographing thousands of objects from the Noord/Zuidlijn excavations that will result in a major publication documenting the archeological discoveries.

For all the photo book collectors out there!

Daan van Golden Reflections at GEM The Hague

Today I had the opportunity to pay a visit to the Daan van Golden exhibition Reflections at GEM The Hague. Van Golden remains one of my favourite artists. It provides a very good overview of his work including painting, photographs, some prints and the video work Dante e Leonardo. It is a very well balanced exhibition. There was even an edition for sale, but to my regret (but not to my surprise) it was sold-out. The exhibition catalogue is available as a download here.

Daan van Golden: Photo Book(s). Koenig Books London, 2013. Ediiton of 800 copies. Edited by Emiliano Battista, Daan van Golden. Text by Emiliano Battista.

Dutch artist Daan van Golden is best known for his paintings, but he also uses photography in his work. As a photographer he is best known for the intimate pictures he made of his daughter Diana documenting her childhood.

This is a strange book. Basically it is kind of a source or reference book as it simply reproduces all the pages of the publications by Van Golden that deal with photography. Some publications are reproduced in its entirety, from other publications only the relevant parts are reproduced.

I think the main value of this book is that it brings all his photo related publications together in one volume thus revealing how he carefully arranges and rearranges his work. In both his publications and his exhibitions he always arranges his work into a layered composition within the exhibition space or the book cover. For his 1979 photo exhibition at Art & Project for example he even made the lace curtains in the gallery part of the exhibition by adding a coffee table with a blue vase with fresh flowers to emphasize the living room artifacts.

Last week I acquired this super awesome multiple titled Knollenevenement (1993) by Dutch artist and chef J.H.J van Melis.

Last week I acquired this super awesome multiple titled Knollenevenement (1993) by Dutch artist and chef J.H.J van Melis.

Trevor Paglen: “So while in one sense photography might be “over,” in another, it’s barely gotten going. And we haven’t seen anything yet”.